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Friday, February 5, 2010

Manny Pacquiao with 7 Boxing Titles and The Biblical David

Many people would liken Manny Pacquiao to King David, their favorite hero in the Bible’s Old Testament.

And just like King David, our Filipino Sports and World Sports Icon who was recently acclaimed as the Best Fighter in the World by ESPY(Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) for 2009 is also our living legend and hero, aside from being God fearing and prayerful.

Manny has had many spectacular wins against boxers bigger and perceived to be much stronger than he is.

Who would ever think that he can win overwhelmingly against boxing’s most popular legend (then) Oscar de la Hoya, notwithstanding his height and reach advantage over Manny?

So with very powerful boxers in higher weight categories like the Manchester Hitman Ricky Hatton and Puerto Rico’s Pride Miguel Cotto to gain the unprecedented recognition award as the record holder of seven world championship titles, a hall of famer indeed. King David also showed his bravery by slaying the Philistine Giant, Goliath, by a single stone from a slingshot.

One would wonder what kind of training David had to become a slingshot marksman? But for sure, just like Manny, they can best assume David had arduous training and strict discipline to master his skill.

Digressing a bit and talking about Manny’s incoming fight this coming Saturday against Joshua Clottey on March 13 at the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium in Arlington, simple deduction would say that in most probability, Manny can again win by a knockout, as long as he is in very good shape.

Unless Clottey becomes overly aggressive and become careless like Hatton did, the kind of game Manny wants his opponent to play for an early KO, a possible stoppage may run in the later rounds like what happened in Manny’s bout against Cotto.

Now going back to our two gentlemen, Manny and King David derive their strength, their cunning ability to outsmart their opponent and elusively agile from the poisonous stings of their adversary - from their strong belief, as they proclaim and pray from their heart, that their extraordinary and close to indescribable power comes from God.

And they have a throng of prayer warriors who love them or intercessory support backing them. When Manny fights, barely do you see people or vehicles in the streets. Many are either inside their homes or in a public place all watching and praying along the way, wanting to see Manny win. Even those outside their country, they group together in every fight, practically uniting all Filipinos around the world to see to their hearts’ delight how a Filipino fights to win with an unwavering faith in God, whichever way it may go.

Yet King David and Manny have shown their humility before God and before their followers as well. They stay prayerful and accept their imperfections as they grieve for their sins.

Even if they pray in public for many to see, who can be a judge to that. What many can see is a sincerely devoted follower of Jesus who knows how to pray from his heart and who knows how to glorify the Lord along the way earning the respect of many people around the world as he makes them happy and proud.

And this makes them God’s dynamic instruments to exemplify what power from faith, humility, forgiveness and prayer is all about. Just like King David, many believe that his love for our Creator grows ever stronger within Manny, so with his love for his family… and his people, and followers too. “Mabuhay ka Manny(Long live Manny).”


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  2. In Jesus name we pray, Manny will win against Clottey, Amen


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