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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pacquiao's Overwhelming Win Against An Overly Defensive Clottey Disappoints Fans

(Pacman's Trainer Buboy Fernandez(5) shown above with the Regalado brothers, Carlo(1) and Miguel(3), together with Edwin Tayag(2) and Pinoy Blogger(4) before the fight)

There was no knockdown and there was no knockout and Clottey played it smarter than Cotto, despite a loss. Clottey’s coach and handlers were telling him in the later rounds to “take chances because you are losing on points” but Joshua Clottey fought Manny Pacquiao the smartest way he can to avoid being knocked down, knocked out or worst, ending up in a hospital.

Joshua Clottey has seen how fast Manny can be and seemingly felt his power punches, although he did not admit this on the post fight interview by HBO insiders at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, where the first big fight has been held with its very excited owner, Jerry Jones seen successfully promoting it himself.

Manny was clearly disappointed (and many of his fans too) for a no “hitting the canvass” main event, unlike his previous fights. Manny humbly admitted an unexpectedly “very good” opponent in Joshua and that he also felt his hard punches.

Clottey stated that this fight was his “first real loss” in his professional boxing career. Manny, on the other hand, did not forget to thank his fans, the audience and all viewers around the globe.

Once in the fight Clottey even made a dancing wobbly body motion to psyche Pacquiao out but Manny was relentless with his combination punches in his quest to weaken Joshua and show his unwavering confidence in the ring.

He even made later an “ala Fernando Poe(famous Filipino Action Star)” double handed punch on both ears of Clottey in retaliation to Clottey’s antics but was warned by the referee that this was not allowed, and he responded with a mischievous grin and a quick “high five” apology to Clottey.
Clottey was doing a Mayweather in the fight. Although he may not have been as fast, he made Pacquiao happy for the challenge and the chance to respond to a Mayweather defence of sort.

Who knows, Clottey might have taken some pointers from Mayweather before the fight, directly or indirectly. Pretty much though, Mayweather and Mosley will learn much from this fight, not only Pacquiao, while Floyd Jr. enjoys his money making fights before he may have to decide facing Manny.

Meanwhile, Filipinos and Pacquiao fans worldwide are already celebrating their hero’s victory, with many thanking God for their answered prayers.

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