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Monday, June 14, 2010

Study: Cancer Cures found in the Bible? and Commonly Used Blood Pressure Drugs 'Can Increase Cancer Risks'? and More...

Knowing what is true as against what deceives is revealed in the spirit

If one believes that we have a spirit that connects to God, a spirit that we cannot see but is many times more powerful than the flesh, then there must be a healing connection in 'divine wisdom' with truth in 'divine logic' in the essence of God's words, this being best understood in the spirit with an open heart, mind and soul to the Spirit of God, in Jesus, the true Messiah, the true Healer, who is "The Word of God," where the "Word was God," as in John 1:1 and in John 1:14, "The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us."

Watching these YouTube video links as unbiased testimonials - some of these people I personally know -, using natural supplements from healing herbs that help prevent fatal and chronic illnesses with no side effects.

From these testimonials, as you may try the healing herbs on their online store, for about a month or more, for in every event, God comes to test or faith, but 'true faith' comes with patience, endurance and perseverance, where hope in Christ may never disappoint.

Anyone can be a living witness of the 'word,' is this not spreading the good news in our love of God and our love of others in the strength of our faith?

Read on Sirach or Ben Sira chapter 38 (NAB or New American Bible, taken from the original Roman Catholic Bible from Greek translation), from the books of the Old Testament, one of the 7 books discarded by the many versions of the Protestant bibles that may' lead the many to truth in the 'word,' and truth in our spirit that connects to God, where Jesus is 'I Am,' the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses.

Christ Jesus is the Beginning and the End in Revelation and the 'Tree of Life' in Genesis 3 and Revelation 21.

Reading above chapter may help us discover that God nourishes and He blesses the healing herbs that doctors may use, that goes beyond, sadly, biased scientific human research, as we continue to pray for one another where truth sets us free in the 'word,' for the 'word' is ever active and alive, they come with angels and holy ones, one with the Spirit of God.

Blood Pressure Drugs and other Medication 'Can Cause Cancer and other Health Risks?'

A study has been made on the risk of using drugs that help lower down blood pressure, and this includes cancer. 

Discover more on our YouTube video link below, "Cancer is Curable Now Full Length Documentary" with well known people in the medical field and science who wants to share on their personal researches and experience as to help enlighten more people on what is true, right and noble (thanks to my friend Bob Villasor for leading me this truthful and awesome video, then you may want to refer to our related post on "Goodbye to Heart Disease?  See How;" visit us on facebook: "Help Cancer Research and Growing in the Spirit" page).

Trusting in God's Goodness in Natural Supplements

And it is so great to share in God's goodness and truth, where many things natural can help heal our body and brain.  One of the most effective has been seen in 'turmeric,' which is rich in the antioxidant substance or compound known as 'curcumin,' best taken with pepper as it may enhance the absorption of curcumin by 2000% as per our shared link post from authority, "10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin."

I sprinkle around 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder on my rice, as suggested by my lovely wife, but learning about the pepper enhancement on it, I may as well add a little pepper as I start cooking my rice of 5 cups.

Blessings to all that more may believe in the light of truth in Christ that heals as we KJOH.

Please note:  All these related posts under our 'health' label are for educational purpose only; consult any health practitioner for any health problem(s) or a 'doctor if symptoms persist.'

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  1. Pinoy Blogger wants to share his wonderful experience with Nitric Oxide(NO)caps. After undergoing angioplasty in 2003, he now does not take any medication, just NO, fruits and vegetables with anti-oxidants; that includes green tea every day. His heart is in great shape and blood pressure level at normal level.

  2. Good to know of the 10 proven health benefits of turmeric and curcumin, and the enhancing effect of pepper on it. May as well try adding a little dash of pepper as I start cooking rice with turmeric powder.

    God is so good that for every breath of life He gives us, we are so blessed with people sharing what is true and right, and all these further enhances our immune system, coupled with faith and good deeds.

    As in 1 Corinthians 10:31(source:,NIV), "So, whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, do it for the glory of God."

    Godspeed as we KJOH and share in the light of truth and love..


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