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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Avoiding Flu with Onions

Onions have been believed by many to help prevent and even cure many ailments from colds, flu, to high blood pressure and even diabetes.  It contains flavonoids, an anti-oxidant, which enhances the immune system.

The more pungent it becomes, the more effective it gets as the flavonoids increase.  There have been claims of its being able to absorb flu causing bacterias preventing the spread of the disease where exposed onions are present. may not agree on this but still many have found the use of onions effective for their better health.  Some may complain of foul breath but this blogger, enjoying onions in his daily regimen, is fortunately not bothered by it or sees even a difference in his breath.  In fact, he is still happily married and loved by his kids also for his cooking (lol).

Read more on our link below and see some helpful comments on same post.  And you may as well get ready getting used to the smell of onions around your home if you want to avoid flu (lol), and though tears flow from your eyes... as you cut them ... don't worry, they're tears for good health, if you so believe.

Onions, especially the red onions, have a powerful antioxidant known as flavonoid which helps in enhancing the production of insulin in the body and this supplements in helping heal diabetes or prevents it from developing.

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