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Friday, July 2, 2010

Natural Way to Remove Gallstones - Be Wary of ERCP Risks on Pancreas and Liver

(My mom, Mommy Peth, 2nd from left, toasts with family for good health during 2009 Thanksgiving celebration.)

This natural therapy has been passed on in the Philippines by email, and My mom, Mommy Peth, tried it in 2009 and guess what, her gallstones were gone as confirmed by her personal physician and she excitedly shared to him the details of her new found therapy.

She happily said goodbye to a supposed gall bladder surgery.

After much research on the web, I finally hit the right link (below) as the email source, where you can read on comments posted that may tickle your interest. 

[Read on our featured link:  "Removing Gallstones Naturally by Dr. Lai Chu-Nan."]

I find this therapy very effective too as I tried it once and felt better urinating.  Drinking apple juice regularly at one or two glasses a day after each meal, and a glass of green tea before bedtime has helped much in keeping my gall bladder and other body organs in good shape.

Yup, there is truth in the popular cliche that goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Be Wary on ERCP Risks

My wife just came out of the hospital on September 9, 2015, and she refused to believe me on why not try 'natural ways to heal' her from jaundice and gallstones, nevertheless, God moves in mysterious ways, miracles of faith happened in the process of her healing, with many prayer warriors from our BLD ('Bukas Loob sa Diyos' or ''Openness to God') Community and from our Parish and friends, that after her jaundice partial treatment with nearly yellowing eyes, the early symptoms almost disappeared, she's on her way back to feeling normal and her skin allergies healed.

There were, however, unexpected complications leaving her pancreas affected with infection or inflammation, and a sludge as seen on her liver on her first MRCP scan (using magnetic resonance imaging), after the ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) test and procedure.

The Yakult probiotic drink (or Chamyto also available in the Phil.) and lemon juice with honey were 'godsent,' they helped increase potassium and platelets levels, lowering down the WBC (White Blood Cells).

While the ERCP procedure on her organs may have caused her to vomit, stomach discomfort was there with gas pains, and her growing stomach caused her pain around the tummy line, and all these caused her sleeping problems or sleep apnea, changing positions was necessary every now and then, it was the natural means and 'faith' in The Lord, with her family, that lead her to healing.

The ERCP is still an imperfect procedure with negative reviews coming from some patients, so be wary.

Wrong decisions can be made relying on 'human wisdom,' it is when we humble ourselves to The Lord, that we come to realize that in Jesus, there is hope, where 'divine logic,' in 'divine wisdom,' many things in evil deception may be revealed in our spirit, the spirit that connects to the Spirit of God, gives us many eyes to see, where 'true faith' leads us to everlasting truth.

With her vital signs going normal, WBC (White Blood Cells) lowering down so with potassium level now at normal level, the doctors released her to heal at home, and after one week of natural healing, her healing ways have seen her onto recovery, with the hope that she may not need surgery to remove the gallstones.

Miracles and miracles happen everyday, we need to acknowledge these miracles as we see our spirit energized as we spread what is true in our living testimonies.

And for natural means to help heal inflammations or infection on the liver, read on this link, "Home Remedies for 'Jaundice,'" attuned to enhancing and made strong the immune system that God has given us to help heal.

This is where Jesus, as our Divine Healer, makes our faith in the light, see us healed in truth.  While medication from science take its course, 'true faith' makes the impossible 'possible' in the miracles of faith.

I can see how human wisdom in science, can become spiritual if we believe in the divine, in Christ Jesus as our Divine Healer.

God is revealing Himself to us when we learn to humble ourselves to Him, and open our hearts to His truth.  The book of Sirach 38, tells us of 'Sickness and Death,' where many doctors blessed by God used "healing herbs, which the prudent should not neglect (Sirach 38:4)," where healing herbs further enhance our immune system, while some medications from Pharma may instead, as per many honest researches, help destroy this dynamic immune system created to help us heal, all attuned to God's words.

"In Jesus comes 'life and freedom from His words, forever 'active and alive,' as in Hebrews 4:12, we may conquer evil in the world."

In all these, "we praise and thank you O Lord, as we pray for doctors to heal in truth."

With a slowly depleting stomach or tummy line, I am hoping for the best that she may listen to natural ways of healing, taking off gallstones with the 'apple juice, epsom salt, virgin olive oil and lemon juice protocol,' that proved successful on many gallstones patients.

And yes, she did listen to a friend after around 3 months since she left the hospital, who used the 'Apple Juice Protocol' to hep remove her gallstones.

God's ways are forever mysterious, He makes other people be an instrument of His love to make possible His 'divine plan.'

For indeed, in every healing comes Jesus as our Divine Healer, and it is in the power of God's words that we may heal, with the power of the Holy Spirit in us that tells the one close to the Spirit of Christ what is best to heal anyone, as we grow in our spirit, for no human researches may be as powerful than God who is our judge, and the Holy Spirit who has condemned evil in this world, that whoever may believe and abide in God's words may be set free from all bondage of darkness.

“Ministering to a Great Multitude 23 He went around all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and curing every disease and illness among the people. 24 His fame spread to all of Syria, and they brought to him all who were sick with various diseases and racked with pain, those who were possessed, lunatics, and paralytics, and he cured them. 25 And great crowds from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, and Judea, and from beyond the Jordan followed him.”

Again, be careful with the words that we utter, for in God's words we heal as we remain in His words, but in the misdeeds of the flesh, as we may utter words of hatred with selfishness and envy in our hearts, ask forgiveness from The Lord that you may be cleansed of your sins, 

I am a living witness of God's miracles, and feel his essence of healing truth in me, in my spirit comes the truth that lives forever in my heart.

“Prayer for Sinners,” as in 1 John 5:13-21:

14 And we have this confidence in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.
15 And if we know that he hears us in regard to whatever we ask, we know that what we have asked him for is ours.
16 If anyone sees his brother sinning, if the sin is not deadly, he should pray to God and he will give him life. This is only for those whose sin is not deadly. There is such a thing as deadly sin, about which I do not say that you should pray.
17 All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that is not deadly.
18 We know that no one begotten by God sins; but the one begotten by God he protects, and the evil one cannot touch him.
19 We know that we belong to God, and the whole world is under the power of the evil one.
20 We also know that the Son of God has come and has given us discernment to know the one who is true. And we are in the one who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

21 Children, be on your guard against idols.

"A deadly sin is 'idolatry,' where pride and 'ego' becomes one, a transport of evil, it is the false prophets 'sin,' no less to the ways of paganism, leading us to evil ways to the rule of Mammon (money, selfishness, pride and greed), and destruction to man, as it is dividing man, where evil and darkness is (KJOH). "

Pray that we may be delivered from all evil and from a sin that is 'deadly.'

Pray that we may not think of ourselves as gods, for there is only One true living God.

We need not worry with Christ in us, just move forward, use your talents the best you can for He is there to provide, and spread what is true in the gospel and be blessed with your household.

As of March 2016, my wife is free from any surgery.

Hallelujah to The Lamb!  Praise be The Lord Alleluia!  God is good all the time.

"The Spirit of God comes the Divine Healer in Christ Jesus, He is in all of us, all who may believe, from his mouth who believes from his heart comes the 'word of God,' Jesus, "the name that is above every name" - as in Philippians 2:9 (KJOH)."

However, my wife preferred to listen to her doctor, suggesting that she may need to remove her gall bladder with her recent issues on her pancreas and liver in 2015.

We are all responsible for our decisions, in the forgiveness of sin, repentance is needed, that the Holy Spirit may guide us to His truth, to the light, and to stay in the lighted path as we humble ourselves to The Lord.  

"God rules our souls, for as long as we humble ourselves to Him, and abide in Him, believe and never doubt, for no money can save us, or every knowledge that is but passing may help us, but the 'word of God,' that never pass away, in the imperfection of the world, we may sin when we follow our human minds aligned to the corruption of man, but in our imperfection, comes our perfection as we remain in the Spirit of Christ, in 'true faith,' may we be redeemed, whence comes, the greater will of God, from the 'free will' bestowed on us, God's everlasting light frees us from guilt, in our love of Him and of others, that we may have everlasting life in us.  He remains our Good Shepherd to seeks us when we are lost.  The Holy Spirit being our Advocate, may we be freed from the blood of The Lamb of God, forever, as we bear with one another in the love and mercy in Christ.  In our ever seeing eyes from our souls, from His words of truth, may we see His light, in His many signs that we may come to appreciate the wonders of miracles of faith in our daily lives, in the breaking of the bread, we become one body with the Holy Spirit (KJOH)."

Will appreciate your comments if you find this effective too or not. Whatever can save lives must be worth sharing. Keep healthy and enjoy God's gift of life.

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  1. Dr. Lai Chu-Nan is not charging anything for this natural therapy. Pinoy blogger feels her being able to help others already gives her much fulfillment.

  2. If the pain is located mid-center beneath the rib cage, this can also be gallbladder referred shoulder pain related. Appendicitis pain can also be referred to the mid-center.

  3. Thanks jorg for your insight and for hopping in. Blessings.

  4. Few things are scarier than a gallbladder attack relief, but once the shock goes away, natural remedies from home can quickly relieve gallbladder pain and symptoms.

  5. Thanks for your views jorg gray. Do appreciate your follow, all the best and Godspeed.


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