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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wrong Diagnosis Worsens Grandma's Health Condition - Commentary on Natural Remedies

This Grandma, at 85,  has found so much trouble after being wrongly diagnosed for cancer at a medical hospital.

And her condition worsened from that time she was reportedly given the wrong medications intended for another patient.  You can read more on our link below.|main|dl3|sec1_lnk1|171958

These instances of misdiagnosis can be life threatening and it makes everybody now wary of the possibilities that this too can happen to anyone.  It indeed pays to take a second or a third opinion when is comes to one's health.

And it can help much if you make yourself  knowledgeable with what is happening in your body by being well informed through health and wellness books and through bountiful resources in the internet which can be very educational.

God has provided us with so much resources out of creation and it is a matter of making good use of these resources that gives us the benefit and the power to help heal ourselves.  And make no mistake about it, all these truly comes from God's goodness and with all His blessings.

As in Genesis 2:7, "The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."  Further in Genesis 2:8, "And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food."

For as long as we are given the breath of life, we can make good use of God's creation in trees and vegetation, all these He made as food for our nourishment, for healing and for sharing.

We will be sharing with you the goodness of some natural remedies such as Red Wine, VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil and Probiotics in the following sections of this post, including healing herbs proven effective against many chronic and fatal illness.

There are many reliable sites on the web which can be very interesting and educational for health and nutritional purposes, see the reviews to have more confidence

The Wonders of Red Wine

As an example, it is on the web that Pinoy Blogger confirmed his curiosity on the wonders of using red wine as an effective agent in dilating the blood - a word of caution though, red wine should be taken in moderation for its long term therapeutic benefit.

As an "anti-oxidant," it helps in keeping the body healthy against so-called "free radicals" that can trigger illnesses, our immune system, once weakened, it may cause more trouble with our other body organs.

And as a cholesterol friendly agent, it helps enhancing the production of good cholesterol or "HDL."

Pinoy Blogger finds four to six ounces of red wine soothing with that unusual feeling of relief on the chest after a seemingly cholesterol or sodium rich food intake.

If one has diabetes and other chronic illnesses, it is suggested by Dr. Janet Zand of Advance BioNutritionals, to take 'organic' red wine.

It  may interest you to note that red wine which is made from grapes and known to be rich in anti-oxidants, has biblical connotations aside from having great healing elements.

In John 2:1-11, gospel writer St. John tells us of  Jesus Christ's first miracle. Upon the request of his beloved mother Mama Mary during a relative's wedding feast at Cana when the host ran out of wine, he turned jars of water into wine, to bring back life into the wedding.

Also in John 6:51-54,  as a prelude to the last supper with his apostles, bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ on account of his ultimate sacrifice by his death on the cross, and through his resurrection and glorious ascension, more people have gained faith in him and believe that following his teachings leads to eternal life.

This mystical turning of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ, God's Only Begotten Son, is regularly celebrated in Catholic church masses during the consecration of the Holy Eucharist.  

Advantages of Probiotics

Other examples with positive  reviews are Yakult and Chamyto, and other probiotic drinks may or may not meet the same level of efficiency from these liquid drinks.

One may need to be choosy though, from among those with positive reviews, some may not be as effective.

Yakult, together with Chamyto, are probiotic products that contain the friendly live bacteria, the Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain.  They are found to be effective against bacteria causing illnesses in the digestive tract.  They are our first line of defense inside the body.

Yakult (or Chamyto) has been found to increase the platelets in many patients with deteriorating health due to inflammatory illnesses as a great supplement.  This is also shared by many patients for were diagnosed with the dreaded 'Dengue Fever' and 'Hay Fever,' with remarkable recovery noted, especially in the Philippines where these mosquito carried illnesses have become prevalent in rainy seasons when mosquito larvae may abound.

If some scientists may question a probiotic cure, find the miracle reviews, where faith comes unseen, but truth in our spirit comes the power of God, the unseen Spirit from within us.

Ask your doctor if it can work to help increase platelets level of those inflicted with the Zika virus.

Whatever the outcome, a review may help the many afflicted with this deadly disease.

Probiotics refer to friendly bacteria or yeasts that have been used for centuries as natural ingredients in health-promoting foods. Recent scientific studies support the many benefits of probiotics.

Wonders of VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil

You may not have known it but it may interest you to note that a lot of remedies pointed to VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil including applying it on brain dead patients, its use in helping lower down cholesterol level and blood pressure level, helping heal Alzheimer's patients  and many more including enhancing AIDS patients' immune system thereby helping prolong their life.

The coconut tree is said to be a very versatile true of many uses that has benefited man and fortunately, in the Philippines where I come from, with around 7100 islands around it in the Pacific, we have been blessed with these wonder trees.

[Read on our link:  "Coconut Oil Cures" that you may learn more about VCO and the like]

Natural Therapy for Cancer

One good source of natural therapy for cancer is the Gerson Therapy Website.  It encourages the use of natural means to cure many illnesses including cancer.  Many people have been satisfied with the natural healing process that the Gerson Therapy introduced to them with many testimonials presented in their educational brochures easily accessed through their website.

Reliable Resources for Natural Cures

You can check on some doctors and resource persons with websites and written materials that promote natural healing.  The includes those of Dr. Andrew Weil who has authored many books on natural cures, Dr. Louis Ignarro who wrote the Book "No to Heart Disease," his other colleagues, Doctor Ferid Murad and Dr. Robert Furchgott where were together sharing  the award in 1998 for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Arthur P. Johnson with his book on “World’s Greatest Treasury of World Secrets,” Doctor Elizabeth Owings on a Medical Video Tutorial on Tikva, Dr. Max Gerson on cancer therapy, his daughter Dr. Charlotte Gerson who continued her father's legacy promoting natural remedies, for health and probiotics and many more.

Some people have claimed having been healed of cancer with supplements from taking guyabano juice and others from sweet potatoes and/or its tops or young leaves, all rich in anti-oxidants.  Nevertheless, all these claimed cures should be taken with caution for their educational intent and benefit with the guidance of a duly authorized health care and/or medical practitioner. 

For related health readings, you can refer to our blog on "About Eating Fruits, Heart Attack and Stroke Signs and Avoiding Cancer."

Keep healthy.  Share the light.  In Matthew 19:26,  as Jesus Christ said to his disciples, "With God all things are possible."  And God is good all the time, as we all pray for enlightenment and healing to further sustain us in our mission, through Jesus Christ our Lord as our Divine Healer. 

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Please note:  Again, these related posts under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a health care practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist."

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