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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Suzanne Somers Interview on Natural Complements for Cancer Treatment - Commentary

A very interesting interview on Larry King Live with Actress and entrepreneur Suzanne Somers (drop down and watch  informative videos you like on her website, with well known doctors in the medical field can be seen here as another eye opener in the new and bold direction medical health may be heading, towards the cure for cancer, and perhaps, for other death causing ailments as well.

See the doctors having differing views on natural complements as against conventional cures, primarily touching on expensive chemotherapy treatment which has a very low success rating in cancer of the colon, pancreas, breast, prostate and cancer of the liver treatment.

Later in the show, however, they all agreed into looking seriously over combining both types of medication to make it more effective as cancer treatment on a collaborative effort, and this may spell lesser costs for affected patients.

We pray that these doctors would humbly act with utmost sincerity over the issue to save more lives and forge more dynamic ties for research that will bring American doctors in the global forefront in the treatment of cancer and many other deadly diseases known to man.

The doctors during Larry's interview with Ms. Somers included:
     Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a Physician and Biochemist
     Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, treats cancer patients with non conventional therapy 
     Dr. Keith Black, Neurosurgeon and Scientist, and Chairman Dept. of Neurosurgery Cedar-Sinai
     Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society

You can learn more by watching from this video and decide for yourself whether you want to read Suzanne Somers's very informative and educational book, 'Knockout.'  No, this is not a book about any sports but it may certainly 'help knockout cancer the natural way.' 

Suzanne says this is one of the 19 books she wrote so far, designed to inspire and help more people with cancer. 

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  1. Suzanne should be credited for her bravery and courage in writing a book which goes beyond the conventional way of treating cancer. This can pave the way to better cancer treatment seriously considering natural complements, so with other killer diseases. God bless you Ms. Somers and all doctors and scientists who are open to alternative but effective ways.

  2. Suzanne also mentioned and confided in her interview with Larry King (complete video found on her website) that she heard a very clear voice from somewhere before her supposed scheduled surgery (upon being told of her cancer cells multiplying in different parts of her body) which stated, "It is not who you are, it is not what you are, it is only about who you love and who loves you." Then came the announcement from the doctors that she has no cancer cells in her, however, doctors found other ailments in her lungs, in her brain, signs of leprosy, and other diseases that she needed to stay longer for treatment. And she refused to stay. Later she found out she never had any of these diseases after all, when she got a second opinion. She must have an angel who is helping her on her mission to give hope and inspiration to many? Godspeed Ms. Somers.

  3. Hi, Edwin,

    This is precisely what my wife and I do now. We help heal people through Reiki Healing and Intuitive (Psychic) Counseling as well as other modalities of Alternative Healing. Yes, we have very good success stories.

    All sicknesses come from the emotions. There is no such thing as an inherited sickness. This is also the reason why Healing can come instantaneously. When the person receives enlightenment about himself/herself and realizes the source of the dis-ease and makes a definite decision to be healed, the healing happens, sometimes immediately.

    What Suzanne heard was the voice of the Spirit Guides/Holy Spirit/Ascended Masters/Angels/etc. (depends on the person's belief system). The other 'ailments' that the doctors saw were manifestations of her other emotions which were related to the 'cancer'. i.e. lungs - the issues were 'constricting' her ability to take in life, brain - the issue about how she thinks about herself and her relationship to the environment ("It is not who you are, it is not what you are, it is only about who you love and who loves you."), signs of leprosy - that the issues are 'eating away' at her person.

    Light and Love,

    Chito Mercader

  4. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Let us continue to pray through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior as he keeps us safe, guided and in good health. Natural means have helped me a lot keeping healthy as these are a gift from creation, a gift from God, and our body with its ability to heal itself, a masterpiece of creation.


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