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Friday, August 5, 2011

Video on A True and Ageless Beauty from Health Science - on Anti-Aging

(Photo on left shows people who love beauty from natural sources, here together with gorgeous Filipina young actress, Ann Curtis.)

Watch our educational and very informative video link below and learn more about the five nutrients in our body that help keep our body from aging and the product breakthrough that enhances anti-aging made from nature.

[Watch this very revealing Health video on A True/Ageless Beaut from HSI and NorthStar Nutritional on Anti-Aging .]

There are five beauty boosting nutrients that have come across the concerns of NorthStar Nutritionals.

Take this opportunity to see it first on video as NorthStar Nutritionals has decided to make public this startling breakthrough towards ageless beauty.

It pays to be more careful in our choices of products for skin and body health.  After all, is not our body made in the image and likeness of God?  Will not extra care for it please him, much more if the application becomes natural, or at least close to it, as opposed to overdoing it to the extent of abuse?

As has been proven in the past, time and again, all things are better done with restraint and in moderation, lest we fall as easy prey for abuse and corruption.

Much as we want to keep our body healthy to enjoy the fruits of our labor while sharing what we believe in and what good is worth sharing for the love of others in this God given life, we have to see beyond what is merely presented before us by relating this to the messages and words of wisdom from the Holy Bible that ushers us to the great benefits that nature brings.

Praying for healing further uplifts our spirit which together with our body hastens up a complete healing process that brings about the miracle of life as enhanced by faith and good works blessed by our Heavenly Father.

Using natural complements that best suits our body as it further enhances our immune system to keep us healthy and help keep us look and feel younger than our given age, for me, are simple proofs of our Creator's concern for man.

Keeping our life simple, stress free and  and being able to share our love with others by way of showing our concern for them, as in the words of  Christ Jesus, can add up to that peace and harmony in our life as a much needed boost to our health.

Don't you think that a nice peaceful sleep, as a consequence, may help complete that elusive formula to anti-aging?  

"Your beauty from within brings about your true beauty inside out."

And with natural complements working for me and for others as well, reading on our Health Science Institute video link can be helpful as it can be educational.

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Please note: Again, these related posts under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a health care practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist."

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