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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's Disease Amazing Breakthrough and More

What?  Coconut oil can help heal Alzheimer's Disease (AD)?

Watch this enlightening video from YouTube courtesy of, "Coconut Oil Touted as 'Alzhemier's Remedy.'"

Yes! Surprised?  Don't be.  Some studies have even seen coconut oil, at around two teaspoons on your rice or meal per day, effective in improving memory on patients with Alzheimer's.

Saturated fat from coconut oil has been found to provide the brain an alternative energy in ketones, known as high energy fuels that nourish the brain, as incorporated in a related study from our link -, which supports claims on wonders of coconut oil helping heal Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Heart Ailments.

Our YouTube link resource above discourages the use of 'hydrogenated coconut oil,' whether partly hydrogenated or not, because it is similar to 'dangerous transfat.' 

With VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil being a derivative of coconut oil, some have claimed taking it as having improved their good cholesterol level or HDL.  And more cures have been reported as VCO has been found to possess the ability to unleash powerful antioxidants that help heal HIV patients, liver and kidney ailments, among other life threatening illnesses.  Our link on expounding on VCO health benefits with some testimonials.

The coconut tree has been called a 'miracle tree' and a 'versatile tree'  by many for no reason.  And it is found abundant in the Philippines with its 7,100 islands (or more at low tide, lol).

Aside from its great healing attributes, and we are talking about the coconut oil extracted and processed from its well ripened fruits, its young trunk has edible 'coconut shoots' which tastes great as a vegetable ingredient on certain Chinese, Thai and Filipino recipes, its 'old 50 year old and above' trunk comes out a very sturdy lumber that may even be termite proof the older it becomes, its bark is used in dessert recipes, in usable chips, for orchids and more, its palmy leaves as sugar or sweetener source, as usable receptacles, as shelter and body cover, as creative designs and more, its fruit shell has both decorative and usable  properties, and its fleshy and juicy fruit being awesome for a thousand and more reasons as meal, food, beverage ingredient and many more.

God has show us his enormous love for us not only through gifting us with His great and wonderful Son in Jesus, who is the "truth, the way and the life," as in John 14:6, but also in gifting us with the amazing coconut tree with its a million and more uses that has benefited man and continues to do so.

If you try gazing at the the coconut tree, you see a 'green star,' the same symbol that has guided the three kings to the new born King, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, in a small humble manger in Bethlehem.

And in this 'green star' is the 'miracle of life,' with this fantastic tree proving its unique qualities that has made life worthwhile living in this short life God has granted us primarily to share the love of Christ with others through the wonders of His creation.

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  1. Coconut oil has been been seen before as having caused hypertension and high cholesterol level, but now, more honest researches have pointed to coconut oil as a good natural supplement that helps heal hypertension as it enhances the production of HDL or good cholesterol, a welcome healthy news to many.

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