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Friday, November 11, 2011

Natural Way to Help Cure Diabetes

I have a new latest video on a natural way to heal help heal diabetes, and it promises to even reverse diabetes with given testimonials from those healed.

See this stunning video coming from Dr. David Pearson, it comes from his heart and from faith, as truthful as his patients may relate to you on the footage, and are said to living a normal healthy life that they need not have to fear any amputation,

See this very revealing video, "New Diabetes Video leaves Doctor's Speechless," and learn more on how to possibly reverse diabetes.

If some websites may teach of powerful antioxidants in grapefruits, sugar beets and cinnamon, many of these may help reverse diabetes.

Another healthy tip I may share with you is 'onion,' and I have been able to keep my sugar level in check.  I have had no diabetes history despite my fondness for chocolates, pastries and other sugar filled candies or desserts.

Illness is a reminder that we need to go back to God in Christ Jesus. Other remedies may help put to a stop some medications, and the more we believe in the light in Christ that helps cure, the more we may see greater healing.

With God many things impossible become possible, as in Matthew 19:26, and God's greatest miracles comes out free, as we obey God's commandments through the teachings of Christ and in the power of his words, where we may remain in him by receiving his body and blood in the 'vine of true faith,' the RCC (Roman Catholic Christian and Apostolic Faith), where faith in the Holy Eucharist heals, his most precious blood comes the promise, being our covenant with God.

Forgiveness and Paying Back God with All His Gifts in Life

Forgiveness and paying back, these are two beautiful things to do. as good work and good deeds, aligned to one's faith, where any one who may forgive, sees the light, and anyone who pays back, for all the good things and blessings that he has received from The Lord, will see all circumstances as the will of God, he remains joyful as he may rejoice in God's will for himself and his household as he may see truth in Christ's words.

With Christ, everything may come so light as he may thread the lighted path, to rejoice in persecution and rejection for he has seen the truth in his spirit, that Jesus is the true author of life and Jesus in the true Messiah who gives us godly signs that we may repent of our sins. and avoid the deadly sin in 'idolatry,' where we may more believe in our own intelligence than what the 'word' has taught us to do, where Jesus is the 'word.'

Jesus is the light, and with Jesus, as we love in truth, our "love of Him and of others will never fail."

It is eternal truth that we share in this website, truth that sets us free from our bondage, and help heal us in spirit and in the flesh.

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BTW, I have read some interesting findings on cinnamon as one great supplement to help heal diabetes, and you may want to check on this post link from "Dr. Joseph Mercola - Cinnamon for Diabete? A Half Teaspon a Day Could Help Control Cholesterol."  

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And, I feel, onions and garlic mixed on vinegar (apple cider) and lemon concentrate as a ready sauce sometimes mixed on my rice, for food I find pretty much with cholesterol, have helped my sugar level in a relatively safe level.

Of course, my regular walking and gym exercises, plus my red wine that goes with pork and beef recipes cooked for my meals have helped me in keeping my blood pressure and cholesterol in healthy level.

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