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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Keeps Me Healthy - Faith, God's Words and a Sound Immune System

Fruits, vegetables are great antioxidants with nuts for the brain.
A happy family, and happy friends can help keep that immune system ready and kept healthy.

Anyone of you heard the truth in 'divine logic,' or do we rely only on 'human logic,' what the human mind may know?

The very facets of 'divine logic' tells us the truth of living in God's words, and all these reveal in us how true it is to live in Christ's lighted path.

My miracle experiences, and those of others, attest to all these, that in our spirit is Jesus, our 'Divine Healer,' One with the Spirit of God, and One with the Holy Spirit. 

If I have seen Jesus, He has a purpose for me, and that is, to testify in my spirit, as a living witness of His truth.

I have seen how joyful it can be when you have Christ's fullness in you, it feels like living in God's heavenly Kingdom, as He assures you, He is there with you, as you may journey with Him in this life.

Living with 'no' boring moments and 'no' malice in your heart makes you one in Spirit with Christ.

For in truth, I have long trusted Christ Jesus as my Good Shepherd, having released all my worries to Him, surrendered all things material and all things worldly to him, and whenever I may sin, it is Him who reminds me, that 'I must leave the sin, and may stay one with Him forever.'

In 'divine logic,' we may see what is true in our spirit of eternal and unconditional love, that all priceless blessings and gifts are free from God: the breath of life, the beauty of creation, our dynamic immune system that helps heal us, that 'true faith' in Christ that heals us forever as we become one body with Him in the Holy Spirit, leading us to a 'glimpse' of His Kingdom as we may share in His love in our love for others, and the 'word' of God, where Jesus in the 'word' of God, and the truth in this life is Jesus, 'love and life' becomes bountiful in Him, as the 'truth the way and the life.'

Helping heal, caring for the sick and the poor, and helping enlighten the astray brings us to the fore as an instrument of His love.

And when do miracles happen?

"Trusting Jesus in this life has removed me from stress, and in my spirit I testify to His truth.

In our spirit comes our fellowship with the 'Spirit of truth,' Jesus is our other Advocate, in union with the Holy Spirit, Jesus is our intercessor, where the true faithful knows He is the greater power in them who, with Him, they have conquered the world and all evil for they have kept God's commandments and abide my His 'word,' as in 1 John 2:1-6.

During his lifetime, Jesus promised the apostles and the faithful another 'advocate,' another intercessor, in John  14:15-18:

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.16And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always,
the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it. But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you.
18I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you."

As we remain in Him, we become purified and cleansed with Him to as we repent of our sins, and partake of His body and blood. Doing this on a regular basis, as a practicing Catholic, His perfection and righteousness may soon become our perfection, as we pray for the astray, that they may soon see the light and be one with us, among the chosen and consecrated.

I smile more often now because deep inside my soul and spirit, I know He backs me up.  He assures me that He is always there with me and He won't leave me.

May our thoughts remain His thoughts as we pray that His enduring mercy may come in the forgiveness of sins as we live in the flesh. 

I have seen how beautiful it feels when He heals us of perceived illnesses, every time, I have seen all these as signs from The Lord, that necessity to abide by Him may not be easy, in the hardness of our minds, but as we remain humble before Him comes the many miracles of our faith, our 'immune system' goes by our faith in Him, our godly thoughts and good deeds may come justify our actions, these may acquit us of our sins, for He knows what is in our hearts, our hearts and souls we may need to attune our spirit on how many times He has loved us unconditionally, and how His mercy has saved us from sin and death.  

Thank you. O Lord Jesus, blessed be your Holy Spirit, guiding us to your truth in our healing.

It is the 'immune system' that can help keep the body free from illnesses, that human 'dynamo' leading us to 'true faith.' faith that has been tested in time, proven trustworthy despite living in sin in our own imperfect time and space, it is 'divine logic' that has given truth to what is 'divine' in our perfection as we remain in Christ, God's will be done until we may see us transformed to His truth in the Holy Scriptures, when He reveals Himself to us, as His heavenly Kingdom may unveil before our very eyes from our enlightened souls.

Indeed, God's anger may be slow, but in all these, He wants us to figure out what distinct signs we may see attuned to His words of love and forgiveness that tells us to stay in the lighted path.

He wants us to figure things out, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we may soon will, what leads us to deceptions in evil, through men made instruments of darkness, made 'lost in the flesh.' 

He gives us many chances, sometimes in near death, but we still fail to listen to Him. 

Not until we may be humbled, we may not see our own weaknesses, where in the light of truth, He reveals Himself to us, for those who may may see, they can be the intelligent or the learned, the smart or the scholar, the genius or the achiever, rather, those who may persevere to seek Him, or those touched with emptiness in their hearts, the broken-hearted who may come accross the wisdom of His 'word.'  

It is when we are weak in the flesh, that the enlightened may see themselves strong, gaining strength in their spirit, it is 'true faith' in them leading them back to God. 

The reality of God's wisdom is seen in 'divine logic,' we 'cannot obtain anything in this life when we die,' but our hearts of love brings us closer to Him who is the way to eternal life. 

"So, why suffer in sin when eventually, we may see our souls suffer in the end?"

More is revealed in the 'salvation tool' that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me as his instrument of his truth, on this 'e-book' tells us more what the Holy Spirit wants to convey to us all, all attuned to God's words.

It is so amazing how my illnesses have been healed, in the Spirit of God's love, or anyone who may be made an instrument of His truth, where the body has been kept healthy with a great heart working effortlessly with other body organs, yes, it is so good to be kept alive, to serve our true Master in Christ Jesus, with unconditional 'love' in one's 'heart.'

I experienced very high sugar level at 545 points in October 8, 2016, during a lab test at a local hospital, made free to those who may avail. But God lead me to the miraculously healing herbs as the 'word' of God in Sirach 38 (Old Testament, one of the 7 books discarded by many protestant bibles), that the 'prudent' doctors should use.

By His 'word,' I saw may blood sugar going down until it came to normal level, just as the living testimonials of many who had diabetes, many have seen their immune system back to normal and have healed with or without medication, with prevention coming from the healing herbs as natural supplements.

"Evil may lead us to do the wrong things, as one may trust more the false master in Mammon, than obedience to God, but may the Holy Spirit guide us to what is true in our spirit, to what may lead us to 'true faith,' and healing."

It was God who made me become a witness to His living 'word,' where Christ's light heals, for He is 'I Am,' in the Old Testaments, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses.

When something goes wrong, no science may be able to explain to you as well in great clarity, many of these ailments go for healing symptoms, in reality, it is the Holy Spirit that keeps us alive, and this truth extends to the afterlife, the real life that can be as immortal as one may think of it to be, ever joyous, ever peaceful in one's soul, ever to glorify God, for indeed, it cannot be denied, it is our spirit that connects to God that keeps us going, for in truth, it is Jesus, our true Master, who judges us in our ways, and it is the Holy Spirit that searches our hearts, giving us chances to seek God's truth from our being, that no evil may triumph from within us, He knows, He has searched our souls and our hearts, guess what the Holy Spirit has seen that we may be kept healthy in body, heart, mind and soul?

Without the breath of life, is it the Holy Spirit that remains true, He supplies our physical body, no science or traditional medication can in truth, heal us, or guide you towards God's words, nor will it, rather, it is the Holy Spirit from within us, with love in our hearts that may soon see us open up our doors of truth from within our minds and souls, to what is true in our spirit.  

"But some enlightened doctors and scientists may have, by now, realized the relevance of God's words in 'divine logic,' where greater truth sets them free from the bondage of the flesh, the truth that everlasting love in their spirit may reveal to them, for 'no' truth is revealed by flesh alone where 'lies' from the devil emanates,  and may prevail against the weak, rather, in the Spirit of God, where Christ is, the truth in one's spirit can never be denied, as a true faithful and believer, our spirit of truth that connects to God lives forever."

"While the souls of the filthy and the wicked may suffer in sin, or worst, in the 'pool of fire' they may be thrown with the false prophets and the antichrist; the souls of the holy and righteous, however, with their spirit of truth, may live forever with The Lord, as priests of God and of Christ, to reign with God for a thousand years, when Satan will be released for a thousand years, where 'the second death has no power over these,' taken from the book of Revelation 20."

[Read on e-book:  Jesus Christ, Our True Healer and Living in The Spirit, that one may see true healing in the strength of one's spirit]

The Holy Spirit may see limitations to the gift of science, for it is in the power of God that we were created, it is in His power that we can best heal.

Many times, it is 'illness' that may remind us of this truth, in His words all these may be revealed, for in sinfulness comes what may stress us up and keep us at bay, imprisoned we may be for we have denied Christ as our 'divine healer,' as we may remain blind from our pride refusing the adhere to His divine and powerful 'words.'

Whenever we may have an illness, a loss in the family - it is God's sign that we need to go back to Christ and to do good deeds, deeds that are aligned to His words, all testifying to what is true in the Holy Scriptures, for 'divine words' come 'divine wisdom,' all meant to free us from any material bondage, from time, money and anything passing that is made meaningless and imperfect over time, causing us to sin, seeing our material wealth unable to help or create miracles of life that may see us arise.  

It is when we put Christ's in us that we may see us saved from this life, and forever as He may so judge. 

Other religions who may see money at the forefront as their worldly goal, may see Christ in their own belief system, but there is no substitute to 'divine guidance' from the Holy Spirit.  

'Human logic,' is the main source of things that work with the human mind, and all these may come to deception, corrupted by things material, all coming from the evil spirit.

Our 'ego' comes our own pride, in its very essence, it is evil in its ways, so be wary of this truth.

What may bring us back to what is true about Jesus and in His gospel, it is the Holy Spirit, as it is in the Spirit of God, which points us to confession and total cleansing in the Holy Eucharist, in holy communion, that leads us to being one with Christ, to release our 'ego' and make Jesus as our one and only Master, for there is no other.

We may see gifted doctors and scientists, but all their gifts come from the Holy Spirit, where 'human intelligence' and 'human wisdom' all come from, but all these become meaningless over time if truth and love is not there, in the 'word' of God that filters truth from deception.   

That is why we cannot boast of ourselves, all gifts and blessings come from God, and the truth in 'divine logic' may best describe where 'human logic' comes from, so with 'human wisdom,' for in truth, we can only boast of Christ, who loves us all and where truth in this life comes from.

What is then the truth in our spirit?  So is the truth in 'spiritual warfare,' is it not 'ego' in us which refuses to budge in for it parries with truth, it refuses to give way to what is perceived as eternal truth, that even Protestants who have rebelled from the true 'universal' (Catholic or RCC) Christian faith, from the 'cornerstone' the builders rejected, making all others as secular and worldly in their beliefs, justifies falsely their existence by condemning true Christian believers of statues they may claim we worship as idols?

"True believers 'never worship' idols or statues, they pray in the pureness of their hearts before Jesus, statues are symbols of the forever living God in Christ who has died for us, where His precious blood was shed for us that we may always remember, His blood is our living covenant with God, the new covenant comes the promise of God, Jesus is the promise of God in His new covenant.  Statues of Jesus, the Cross, the Blessed Mother and saints, lead us to 'prayer,' prayer makes us spiritual for God is spirit, molded by instruments of God that we may become vessels of truth from the Holy Spirit, blessed by the consecrated ones, our faith leads us to the truth that God is everywhere blessed by the Spirit of God, for He is Almighty, omnipotent and omniscient.  Anyone who questions this truth is lost, he rebels upon God's existence and living presence.  

God in Christ is in every creation symbolized by 'true faith' to the Creator and Savior.  'True faith' are in things we may not see, but our hearts of love reveals what our soul who lives by Him sees, Christ Jesus as the ever living God who has saved us from sin.  With Him we have conquered the world."

The Holy Bible reveals to us more than what 'human logic' of 'human knowledge' may tell us.

All of these, in 'divine logic,' tells us the truth of our existence.

[Read more on 'divine logic' best revealed by the Holy Spirit in this 'salvation tool,' "Jesus is Real - An Attestation to the Truth and 'Divine Logic,' ...," where you may feel the fullness of Christ in you after finishing this enlightening tool] 

In "God's words," I have seen the truth, and healing in us can be so powerful and so awesome, that even honest doctors who may believe in Jesus may feel it from within their hearts, and that is when they are touched that they may heal in truth.

So true, we have great talented doctors in the field of medicine, all their talents and gifts where given to them by God, but to be used in the love of Him as our creator and in the love of others in truth, otherwise, one may see signs reminding him our purpose in this life, where the hardened hearts may not see for as long as they may remain 'blind.'

Why this life remains 'short,' and why there are signs that happen in our life, in all these, do we not see our connection to God?

Are we not here to someday be humbled, that in our vulnerability, we may see greater truth in seeking the fullness of Christ's in us?

Everything in this life is but a 'trial of our faith,' and there is no substitute to 'true faith' where the truth in the 'word' of God remains.

God may wants us to be productive for our family, and be a good contributor to the economy, where nation building is, but, there is a deeper meaning to 'divine logic,' where things that we cannot see, as we may feel from deep within our hearts and souls as we ponder, our need to complete His law in our being, "love that is true and eternal," this is the fullness of His law, for God is "love," and as it is, the Holy Scriptures come to verify to us all these in truth, in the truth of our spirit that connects to God and to the holy ones, or those so judged by Jesus to become 'like angels' in God's heavenly Kingdom.  

As in 1 John 4:8 (source:  biblehub,NIV (no worry, I may use different bible versions, for the Holy Spirit wants us to know what truth there is in possession of God's Spirit, it brings us to what is true in His words meant to unify us in 'true faith')), "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."

What give us life? 

It is the truth in our spirit, it is the Holy Spirit's giving us the 'breath of life,' the gifts and talents that we may have, He wants us to be as truthful as His blessings to us cannot be denied, less we are deaf and blind from darkness, and our body is dead without His Spirit, everything comes from Him, however intelligent or poor memory one has, we need not ridicule or judge because it is our love for Him and of others that we are to be judged.

What takes away life?

Sin in evil takes away life, as evil spirits may come to lure one to do evil, to hate, divide and destroy, where one may become a 'son of destruction;' or when illness comes to us, God is giving us signs, to come back to His light, where truth is, where life belongs.

As in Romans 8:10 (source:,NIV), "But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life because of righteousness."

When we die we have nothing to prove, we remain humbled in Him, and when we die, there is nothing that we may obtain?

May we avoid negativity and complaints, and avoid hating, that we may prolong our life and learn to love more and make our life more meaningful.

It is evil in sin that we may see more evil spirits dwell in us, with hardened hearts, how can we see the wisdom in God's words?

Repentance is key, all our transgressions need to be forgiven by The Lord, and renew in His light.

Evil in our flesh weakens us, we fail to see the strength of our spirit, where eternal truth is.

When evil rules our being, lies of the flesh lives on.  It is evil that weakens our souls, so does our immune system which may grow weary, for we have believed in the misdeeds of the flesh, believing in the false master in Mammon.

Nevertheless, loving one another as we interconnect with one another, with love and forgiveness in our hearts, will we not see us whole, once again, in Christ Jesus, our Divine Healer?

Again, "God is slow to anger," He wants us back to Christ Jesus. our Savior, our true Healer, our Lord and King. While we may be healed back to Him, will we not care to give back, to give back through our neighbors who needs care and enlightenment?"

One of the more powerful verses is in Matthew 4:4, when Jesus was being tempted by the devil, he fasted in the desert for forty days and forty nights (the same days of the Lenten Season, is essence, this life comes the 'test of our faith'), he said to the devil, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" 

We may always believe in so many things that "human knowledge," as in science and other worldly knowledge, where evil in men may seduce us to believing attuned to sins of deception as one may live in the flesh, through it all, it is God we may need to trust more, the Holy Bible comes the book of life and love of our Lord, and it is our fear of death which hampers our growth in our spirit, to believing the divine message of Christ in His gospel.

"Greater is he who has seen greater happiness in his being in the love of others, for God is with him, lesser is he who may believe in what our 'ego' in evil may dictate, to 'believe more on things passing,' on money, which is the 'root of all evil,' where worldly things remain our 'idols,' in his deception, we remain bounded by the false master."

If passing things make us happy for a moment, then makes us suffer for the most times in our life, will all these lead us to a meaningful life, or a meaningless life?

Will a moment of happiness bring us to 'a moment of truth?' 

Is it not our spirit of truth telling us, about this 'puzzle of life:' "What bring us to 'true joy, peace and happiness' in our hearts, where our health in body (heart, mind and soul) and spirit may come, where God may humble us in many ways, before we may realize how much He has loved us, from the time we were conceived until the time we may die in mortal death? What is the meaning of 'the test our faith, that we may seek what is the true meaning of 'love of others' in our hearts, and what power His 'words' convey to give true meaning to our lives?"

Until we may not answer this 'puzzle of life' what comes true in our spirit, we may remain lost in malice, our 'ego' may continue to lead us to lust and selfishness, where darkness belongs, we may see healing in the light of truth, difficult, when we fail to see our 'pride' surrendered in place of honor, justice and truth in the 'humility of our hearts.  

Whenever we doubt what is true in our being, evil takes control until we may be humbled. 

Shall we need to suffer until we are humbled, or, do we see freedom in our hearts as we rejoice in 'true faith,' onto everlasting love and light, where 'true life' belongs?

It is when we deepen this puzzle from beyond our souls, that we may see our spirit from within us, where those whom we may have loved, may now be living with Christ's, one with Him in the Holy Spirit, as Jesus may so judge, and may allow our spirit to feel Him in our being.

The question leads us to the answer to the puzzle, in truth, that is when we have outsmarted evil in darkness and sin.   

"The Spirit of God in us, in Christ Jesus, in truth and light, as we remain in His words, we heal."

It is a sin against God not to believe in Him, for He is our loving Creator, and "the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord," and Christ will judge us in accordance to whom do we love more, our Creator, or the one who thinks and believes he is the lord and master, who is not even the creator, the false master (the devil)?

Many miracle experiences I have seen through 'love and faith,' in me and in others, and many more will be seen as more may believe in the light of truth in Christ, and it is by no means, God is sending us a clear message, to trust His more in our hearts, in His light that heals and saves.

"Anything of 'human knowledge' or learning, may come corrupted if bounded by things material, more than the love of others.  Jesus teaches us to love in truth that we may heal in truth." 

[Read more on:  'Laminin,' Binding Truth of the Cross and Creation ... and be set free from all bondage of evil, you will learn for this tool from the Holy Spirit, how you may see God's kingdom in you]

[Read on related link where the body needs not to be abused, for we have the Holy Spirit in us:  About Eating Fruits, Heart Attack and Stroke Signs and Avoiding Cancer]

God being part of you to keep you "stress free," every day in your life, in the Light of Christ, 'as you keep his words, and spread the gospel,' keeps you healthy, always there to glorify our Lord and our King, in Jesus's name. Blessings!
In 'frankincense' and 'myrrh,' two of the three gifts of the Three Kings to Jesus, and in some healing oils, there are positive emotions that come from these oils, and they can encourage healing in many many ways, in illnesses, and in things that corrupt our minds and souls.

Deception comes from evil, when we remain under 'stress,' when we worry so much, we may find it hard to sleep, things that come from evil spirits which try to control our minds are all related to temptations of the flesh - will tell you more, and my e-books, 4 so far on top of the upper right hand column of this page, can help open your eyes to these truth, all in the guidance of the Holy Spirit  - from natural medications and supplements which God has provided us to keep our immune system working and kept healthy, and for all you know, it can be watermelon, cantaloupe, lemon juice, kale, pomegranate, grape fruits, beans as in a canned 'pork and beans' or the fresh ones, artichoke (and have powerful 'nitric-oxide' in them), strawberries, blueberries, Chlorella from algae, vitamin C, apple cider vinegar for 'arthritis,' prunes for 'constipation, red wine, and more with 'nuts' to lubricate the brain, with brisk walking and some weights while doing exercises, and most of all, the bottom line, "love and faith in Christ Jesus," for His sake, we find life.

In Matthew 10:39 (NASB), Jesus Himself has said, "He who has found his life will lose it, and He who has lost his life for my sake will find it." 

Many of above antioxidants I take to keep me healthy while I do brisk walking and some weights, all exercises and all from natural means taken in moderation.

"My muscles and my mind He keeps nurtured, that I may move forward to spread what is true in this life,"

When you trust in The Lord, trust Him as you may abide in Him in His words, "that whatever you wish, it shall be done for you," as in John 15:17,

It is God who created our 'dynamic' immune system, to keep us going in His lighted path, and sadly, it is stress from money and our lack of faith, or lack of love of God and of others, that keep us away from what is true in the gospel - to spread the gospel of Jesus and be wary, that we may not be carried away by deceit, with malice in our hearts may prevail, when we have no respect and fail to honor what is true in God's words, for it is a 'sin' not to honor them, we start complaining and hating, all these come from Satan, that money, lust, pride and selfishness may rule our being, leading to negativity, pride and vanity.

"God's words are so true and very powerful, it adds life to us. He is slow to anger, giving us enough leeway to search of His truth from within our hearts, from within our spirit, where His everlasting 'love' and 'mercy' belongs. But His truth we may not see, for as long as our 'ego' blinds us, that may, sadly, devour us in due time, once we fail to humble ourselves to the 'Word of God.'"

Will tell you more on a related post, revealing to you about healing herbs, used in discernment by enlightened doctors, where the druggists may prepare his medicine from herbs that induces healing.  

It is always in the wisdom of God from His words, that our knowledge may come blessed, 'active and alive' are His words, our decisions may remain unblemished, guided by the Holy Spirit, with no malice and corruption from our souls, that no deceit may lead us to what is untrue, our knowledge may remain without corruption from things passing.  

All these remain true in the Holy Scriptures: in Genesis and in the book of Revelation, in the 'Tree of life;' and in the Old Testament, in Sirach, his son, 'Jesus,' compiled the words of wisdom from his grandfather, also named Jesus, with words of wisdom coming from his being and his thoughts, he referred to healing herbs nurtured by God passed on to doctors and the druggists.  

Things happen because they need to happen.  It may not be of coincidence that my father's name is 'Jesus,' his spirit I feel in me, one with The Lord in Christ Jesus, in his lifetime, before he died, his passion was to share what is true in the Holy Bible, he went from one house to the next in his ministry, in bible studies he conducted with my mother, mommy Peth (a female name, Petronila, coined from the name of Saint Peter), all these give him greater joy in his heart, so with my mother, it is what it is, in The Lord that they boast, not of themselves.

If sharing the 'Word of God' has become my passion, so with others who may feel the same way, it is the truth in our spirit that we share, as His living instruments of truth in this life, it is His light that heals that we share, where one may feel enlightened, he becomes one with Christ as a 'citizen of heaven' - in His holiness and righteousness we live to love - and never a citizen of the world, of human traditions and culture that blind us to what truth, peace, love and freedom there is, in our hearts of love. 

In this passing life, many tests in our faith in allegations of what is true and what is not, will always be there.

'Spiritual warfare' has never been so intense, as we may see what true there is in the book of Revelation, godly signs are there, guiding us to where Satan has been released; however, eternal truth is in the 'Word of God,' in Jesus, our everlasting hope, we have Him in our hearts, just care to open our hearts to Him, in Him is 'Spirit of God,' in our body is His temple, where the light of truth is, forever it may come to heal our very being, in our love of Him and of others.

Blessings to all that more may see the healing and cleansing light of the Holy Eucharist in holy communion, in Christ, in the forgiveness of sins comes to us a healing light, striving to stay on top of what is wrong, striving to stay holy, righteous and true in the love of God and of others in 'true faith.'


Please note:  All these related posts under our "health label" are for educational purpose only (FDA protocol); Consult your health practitioner for any health practices or doctor's advice when symptoms persist.


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